My Winter Lockout Made Me Wish I Had A Locksmith’s Phone Number

locksmithJust like me the average person probably doesn’t believe they will ever need a car locksmith. I learned the hard way how important it is to keep certain types of service phone numbers handy like lawyers, tow trucks, taxi cabs, and locksmiths. Yes, I know those all seem self-explanatory except for the locksmith right? Well, let me tell you why I always keep a locksmith’s number in my contacts.

A few years ago I lived in a small farm town, depending on which way you came into town there were either 600 or 650 residents. One day in late Winter I needed to drive about an hour away to the nearest big city to get some things from the mall. It was a sunny day in late Winter, but I wore my winter coat to be safe. The sun had melted the ice off the roads, and I arrived at the mall as scheduled. I parked my truck, and stepped out, tucking my keys in my coat pocket. Realizing how warm it was, I decided not to wear my coat, so I slipped it off and tossed it on the seat, not bothering to think about the keys in my pocket because I always kept a second set of keys in my purse. Then I decided I didn’t want to lug my purse around, I took my money out of my purse, tucked it into my jeans pockets, put my purse on the floorboard, locked the doors, and off I went shopping.

A couple of hours later, I returned to my truck only to realize I had locked both sets of keys in the truck! I had given myself just enough time to get home before the sun set, and the roads started to freeze over, but now I couldn’t get into my truck.

locksmith service

After about 30 minutes a police car drove by, I flagged him down and asked if he could use a slim jim to unlock my truck. The officer informed me there is a law preventing anyone except locksmiths from owning slim jims (this is a law in several states), the law was to protect locksmith’s businesses. The officer was kind enough to call a locksmith for me, who showed up about 30 minutes later and quickly popped my lock.

It was now dark, the roads were starting to freeze again, and I had an hour drive ahead of me. Needless to say, my one hour drive took over two hours because I had to drive extremely slow to avoid sliding off the road. If I had the locksmith’s phone number handy, he could have arrived early enough for me to make the drive home before the roads froze.