Medical Services

medicalWhen a person is using a medical transport service they are looking for not only quality service but safe services as well. There are a number of medical transport services that can allow a person to travel in comfort and enjoy some new amenities to make their ride more comfortable.

For those that are traveling a long distance a medical transport van will have two drivers. This will allow the drivers to take a break when they are tired while still staying on schedule. Two drivers can make sure a person gets to their destination on time without compromising safety on the road. In addition to these drivers there will be a registered nurse on board. The nurse will be able to perform medical services and will be there in case of an emergency. This will allow a patient to have bedside service and compassionate care.

There are a number of different sized vehicles as well. A person can travel in a van, RV or even a mini van. This will allow a person to have plenty of room. All of these vehicles are checked to make sure they are safe before every use. They also carry insurance that goes above and beyond what the federal regulation state. This will ensure that the patients are safe and they can feel comfortable that they are traveling in a safe manner.

These are additional features in these transport units to make sure that the patients are comfortable. There is an eight inch memory foam mattress for patient comfort. This will allow body weight to be even disturbed and the material will absorb all the bumps in the road that may cause pain. They will allow a person to be comfortable in both a resting and a sitting position. For safety and for cleanliness there is a two inch plastic mattress that is used to keep things sanitary. If a person needs additional space they can travel in a hospital style bed that can be used for transportation.

If a person is traveling a distance the ride can get to be a little boring and dull. While there are beds to sleep in a person will not be able to sleep the entire time they are traveling. There are television and dvd players so a person can watch a movie as they travel. The television sets are flat panel and are HD so that a person can enjoy a clear picture. There is also wireless internet service. A person will be able to connect to the internet on their smartphone, tablet, or other internet enabled device to keep them busy during the long ride.

air ambulanceIf a person is traveling a distance they are going to get hungry during the trip. Medical transport services provide meals as well as drinks. There are a number of different things to choose from and they can meet the specific dietary needs of the patients. Snacks are also provided to the patients and their family members if they are traveling alone.
These are just some of the great services that can be used during a medical transport. They will keep a person happy and cared for on their ride. The medical transport will allow a person to be comfortable whether they are going from state to state of a local appointment.