Professional Locksmith

Reasons You Want A Professional Locksmith

LocksmithYou might wonder why you might need a locksmith, but there are more reasons than you realize to keep a locksmith’s number handy, either in your cell phone contacts or a business card in your wallet. It’s also a smart idea to put a business card in a zip-lock bag, then duct tape it under your mailbox, or on the inside of your car bumper, for when you don’t have your cell phone or wallet.

It’s 5:00 am and you run out to start your car and let it warm it up. You’re not totally awake and accidentally lock yourself out of the house, or your keys in the car. A locksmith will be available to help you at that hour of the day.

Car dealers always tell you that only the dealership can make duplicates of your new keys. Wrong! Some locksmiths can make you a new key, and it usually cost a lot less.

Installing a deadbolt on your house, seems easy enough, but if it isn’t done right bad guys can get past it. A Locksmith knows how to install a deadbolt properly, ensuring it works as intended.

When you buy a new house, always have a locksmith re-key the entire house. If the real estate agent had the keys, they might have loaned them to repair people, who could have made copies.

If you have service people who come to your home when you’re away such as maid services, you can have a master key made for you that works on the doorknob and the deadbolt. Then have a key made that only works on the doorknob for the service person.

How To Locate A Trustworthy Locksmith

locksmith The Better Business Bureau recommends locating a trustworthy locksmith before you need one. Some states require a license for Locksmithing, but most don’t check with your state or the Associated Locksmiths of America, to find out if your state requires one. Before you contact unknown locksmiths, ask your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors for recommendations. You can also look for reviews on the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List websites.

Avoid being scammed by asking for the locksmith’s identification, business or locksmith license. Also, make sure the address matches any ads, business cards, and invoices. Ask for an estimate and what it includes, such as parts, labor, and service calls. Ask the locksmith to bring a written estimate with them. If the estimate is higher once the locksmith arrives, do not let them begin work and consider hiring a different company.